About us

ChampOne Communications India Private Limited is an India based company focused on manufacture and sale of Smartphone, Tablet, Smart watches, software applications and electronics appliances. Our major focus is to launch a series of pocket friendly, affordable cellular phones which are able to serve the needs of everyone at the best market prices. ChampOne is our input to the Digital India campaign.

Our Mission

ChampOne India is dedicated to delivering efficient, effective and respectful services with integrity, accountability and affordability. With values of honesty, integrity and accountability we encourage innovation, and foster an environment of affability and collaboration in order to produce the best product of the eraand make it available to our customers in the best and pocket friendly prices.

ChampOne India team is dedicated to provide you with the best of gadgets in a budget price. Our motto is to deliver a mobile in every hand and we seek to offer you the most affordable prices. We intend to build up a simple yet attractive marketplace which is able to connect even to the most remote areas thereby connecting them to the global arena. Don't take us for another passers-by, because we are here for the long run.